Planned Giving

How will you leave a legacy?

Learn how leaving a legacy with Kellenberg Memorial High School can help support the causes you care about while continuing to meet your current financial needs.

Reach Your Philanthropic and Financial Goals with Planned Giving

A legacy gift enables you to support Kellenberg Memorial High School, secures the financial needs of your loved ones, and provides you with tax benefits. Legacy gifts of all sizes combine to help us meet our current goals and reach further into the future.

By including Kellenberg Memorial High School in your will or trust, naming Kellenberg Memorial as a beneficiary of all or part of a life insurance policy, or taking advantage of other giving opportunities, you can preserve your assets now and support for years to come. Your gift will have a real, lasting impact.

Let us help you make the gift that's right for you.

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Phoenix Legacy Society

Join Phoenix Legacy Society

When you make a gift to Kellenberg Memorial High School from your will or trust, you'll be welcomed into Phoenix Legacy Society and join other supporters and friends of our important mission.

Is Kellenberg Memorial High School already in your plans?

Please let us know so we can properly thank you and make sure your gift will be used as you've intended.

How to Give

Not only do you have options for how your gift to Kellenberg Memorial High School will be used, you also have options on what to give and how to give. There are gifts that cost you nothing now, gifts that pay you income, and gifts that allow you to decide what happens when.

General Bequest

Gifts from your will

Through a provision in your written and executed will, you can make a gift in the form of cash, securities, real estate or personal property. There are many types of bequests. Choose the one that best fits your needs and intentions.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Gifts That Pay You

You can turn underperforming assets (stock, cash in a savings account, CDs, savings bonds, etc.) into a gift to Kellenberg Memorial that provides income to you. Your Charitable Gift Annuity will give you quarterly, fixed payments for life and tax benefits, too.

Donor Advised Funds

Beneficiary Designation and Grants

Designate Kellenberg Memorial as a beneficiary to receive all or a portion of the balance of your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) through your fund administrator. You also can make a grant to us at any time from your donor-advised fund.

Charitable IRA Rollover

Charitable IRA Rollover

If you're 70 ½ or older, you can make a gift directly from your IRA to Kellenberg Memorial . While there is no charitable deduction for a rollover gift, you do avoid the income tax on the donated portion of your required minimum distribution.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Beneficiary Designation and Paid-Up Policies

Name Kellenberg Memorial High School as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy; donate an existing, paid-up life insurance policy you no longer need; or purchase a new life insurance policy and name Kellenberg Memorial High School as the owner and beneficiary.

Other Options

Other Planned Giving Vehicles

There are many other ways to support Kellenberg Memorial High School through a planned giving vehicle. Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Trusts, Life Insurance and more may be good options for you. We can show you creative ways to use your assets to benefit Kellenberg Memorial High School, while at the same time preserving the benefits of those assets for you and your family.

Gifts of Property

Real Estate and Other Valuables

Like stock, the fair market value of gifts of appreciated assets such as real estate, artwork, and other well curated collections, can be deducted from your income tax today and reduce your estate taxes in the future.

Beneficiary Gifts

Retirement Accounts

NamingKellenberg Memorial High Schoolas the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan asset such as a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Keogh, profit-sharing pension plan or other donor-advised funds, will accomplish a charitable goal while realizing significant tax savings.

Gifts of Stock

Appreciated Stock

When you donate appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares instead of cash, you'll receive charitable deductions at full, fair market value while reducing capital gains impact.

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Meet Our Donors

"Kellenberg did so much for our family. We want to do our part in ensuring that the school continues to offer an education of the heart and mind for many generations to come."

—Dr. Gil Samson & Mrs. Marion Samson P'09,'11,'13,'15